Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Burrito Gallery worth a try

Before the storm, I visited the new Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville Beach last week. And since it remains intact and is back in business, I figured it's time to write about it.

I had been to the downtown Burrito Gallery B.C. (before celiac) and liked it, but I seem to remember checking the menu after I went gluten free and not seeing anything we could eat there.

When the new beaches location opened at the corner of Beach and 3rd, I figured it was worth checking again. I didn't see any indications of gluten-free food items on the menu, but I did see a gluten-free beer on the beer list.

As I've said before, it doesn't matter if you drink beer or not, but it's worth checking out gluten-free beer websites to find restaurants that sell the beers. If a restaurant does offer a gluten-free beer, I have to believe the restaurant is at least somewhat gluten-free friendly.

I did see on the menu that tacos are offered with a choice of flour or corn tortillas, so I figured I could give it a try.

The server seemed knowledgeable about gluten-free issues and while she wasn't sure about all of the items, she did help me order a couple of tacos on corn tortillas that seemed to be gluten free. She did point out that the teriyaki taco wouldn't be gluten free because of soy sauce.

So I had two tacos and they were good. They seemed similar to the kind of tacos you would find down the street at TacoLu.

So yes, you can probably eat at Burrito Gallery. You'll want to ask a lot of questions before ordering, but I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Here's a gluten-free emergency food option

It may be too late to get to the store now but if you're trying to find a quick gluten-free item for a hurricane evacuation, here's a good option I found recently.

They're called ThinkThin bars, and they are available in several varieties at Publix for $1.50 each. They are high protein bars that are certified gluten free and have the additional bonus of being sugar free.

I discovered them a couple of months ago when I was stuck in airport desperately looking for something I could eat to get me through the trip, and I've been buying them ever since just to keep around the house. And they were the only specific hurricane-prep food I went out and bought.

If you can get to Publix today, you might want to check them out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Favorite breakfast item: Glutino English muffins

Glutino sent me a box of goodies to celebrate fall and the back-to-school season. The goodies include several varieties of pretzels, which I like, but I was most happy to see it included my absolute favorite gluten-free breakfast item: Glutino's English muffins.

I've written this before but there are several varieties of gluten-free English muffins and they are mostly quite awful. But Glutino's seem no different that any standard gluten-filled English muffin, at least as far as I can remember what a regular English muffin tastes like (I've been gluten free for almost six years now). I really enjoy them.

This box was delivered at room temperature, which is somewhat unusual because you will usually find the English muffins in the freezer section of your supermarket. Since you have to toast them anyway, that's fine. I generally buy them at Walmart because they seem to be cheaper there than at other stores.

The only product that was new in the goody basket, at least to me, was a box of vegetable crackers. The box says the crackers have "a hint of tomato, oregano and garlic."

I like the crackers. I found them to have a sort of pizza taste, which is always appealing to me.

It was nice to receive the package on a day when a new tropical storm hit the area, even if this storm is completely benign. Since we're at the height of hurricane season for a couple of weeks, I'm now well stocked with snacks if I need shelter from a storm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Jaguars vendor open to gluten-free suggestions

The Jaguars have a new food service provider this year, Delaware North Sportservice, so I was of course very interested to see what gluten-free concessions they have to offer.

They did send me a thorough list and seem to be aware of gluten-free issues, but I have to say I was disappointed. The one thing I really want to see on the list is gluten-free beer, and there isn't any. You can get McKenzie's cider, but no beer.

Now in fairness to Delaware North, a spokeswoman asked me to give them a chance because they are new to the market and are open to suggestions. One of their executives is a celiac so they are attentive to our needs.

So yes, I'll give them a chance but I am suggesting they offer gluten-free beer.

You'll notice on the list that they have gluten-free buns available at the hot dog stands but if you've been reading my blog for several years, you'll remember the horrible experience I had with the previous vendor when the workers at the stands had no idea about the difference between gluten-free and regular buns. So I'm not going to have a hot dog at the stadium unless they have a dedicated gluten-free cart. I'll have to make that suggestion also.

The most interesting item on the list is French fries. If they have a dedicated fryer, that could be an appealing snack.

Anyway, here's the complete list provided by Delaware North:

2016 Gluten Free Items and Section Locations
Kayem Hot Dogs with Bun* – 104, 115, 131, 142, 414, 442
Slaw Dog - 131
Popcorn – 104, 115, 119, 131, 142, 146, 150, 405, 414, 431, 442
Peanuts –All portable stands throughout the stadium
Pumpkin Seeds – 133
Sunflower Seeds – 133
Kettlecorn - 133
French Fries – 105, 114, 128, 132, 141, 146, 409, 410, 435, 436
Caesar Salad – US Assure Clubs 110, 137, 208, 235
Shrimp Cocktail – US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Fresh Oysters - US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Ceviche - US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Mister Softee Soft Served Ice Cream – 119, 128, 408, 439
Gatorade – All stand locations
McKenzie’s Hard Cider – 119, 127
*can request gluten free bun

2016 Gluten Free Items created in a facility with Gluten and Section Locations
Nacho Grande - 104, 115, 125, 131, 142, 414, 442
Garlic Tater Tots – US Assure Clubs 107, 134
Guacamole with Chips – US Assure Clubs 108, 135

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Famous Toastery offers GF pancakes and French toast

When Famous Toastery revealed plans to open its first Jacksonville area location, I Googled, didn't see anything about gluten-free options, and basically wrote it off as another place I would never visit.

So I was quite surprised to read a review of the new Jacksonville Beach restaurant in the Times-Union last weekend and see it had gluten-free pancakes and French toast available. I was surprised because I never expect to get any useful information out of the TU.

No, seriously, I was surprised to find Famous Toastery is gluten-free friendly. I looked it up again on the Internet and found the gluten-free items on the menu, so of course I had to check it out.

They seem to be taking gluten-free dining seriously. The menu does have a disclaimer that the kitchen is not 100 percent gluten free but they are aware of the issues and take what precautions they can. The staff did seem knowledgeable during my visit.

I ordered French toast -- it's harder to find gluten-free French toast than gluten-free pancakes -- and it was delicious!

The menu doesn't say anything about gluten-free sandwiches but of course I had to ask -- if they have gluten-free bread available for French toast, they must also have it available for sandwiches, right? They told me yes. A man who appeared to be a manager said he plans to actually put together a separate gluten-free menu that will list all the options.

The regular menu, in addition to the pancakes and French toast, also lists a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake.

Famous Toastery is a bit pricey but I really enjoyed my meal, so I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trader Joe's gluten-free "rye" bread rates as mediocre

One extra note on my trip to Chicago was the purchase of Trader Joe's gluten-free rye-less "rye" bread.

There's a long story here so I'll cut to the chase -- it did taste good but the texture was awful. It absolutely has to be toasted and even then, the texture is still bad. So I'd have to rate it overall as mediocre.

Here's the story. There is a Trader Joe's in the neighborhood I usually stay in when I'm in Chicago. Several years ago, I went in figuring I'd be able to find something to eat for breakfast. But I was extremely disappointed to find a lack of gluten-free options in the store.

So, when Trader Joe's announced it would open a store near home in Jacksonville Beach, while some people were excited, I was less than enthusiastic. When the store opened, my feeling was confirmed because I found few gluten-free items to make a trip there worthwhile.

I have to say I've warmed up to Trader Joe's in the last couple of years as they have expanded their private label gluten-free offerings, particularly a line of hamburger buns and bagels that are decent and reasonably priced, as far as gluten-free stuff goes. So now I visit fairly regularly to stock up on buns and bagels. They seemed to have resolved their inventory problems -- they aren't running out of the gluten-free stuff like they used to.

Trader Joe's has also come out with gluten-free hot dog buns, which aren't as good as the hamburger buns. Of course, as I've said many times, there is no such thing as a good gluten-free hot dog bun.

Anyway, when I was in Chicago, I decided to visit the store again to see what they had, since Trader Joe's does vary products by region. And I came across the Trader Joe's brand of gluten-free "rye" bread. The Trader Joe's in Jax Beach has several types of gluten-free bread but I have not seen the rye.

Rye bread was my bread of choice before I went gluten free. So, whenever I see a brand of gluten-free rye-less rye, I give it a try. So far, none have been worthwhile, including the Trader Joe's brand.

One more note I discovered with my bread purchase. Packing a loaf of bread will absolutely get your carry-on bag flagged by the TSA. As I was pulled out of line so they could open and inspect my bag, they pointed to the big rectangular lump that showed up on the x-ray. What could it possibly be?

So if I'm going to take a loaf of bread on an airplane, it better be worth it.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I found it: gluten-free deep dish pizza

For six years, I've been craving deep dish pizza. Pizza places have a hard enough time making decent thin-crust gluten-free pies, so I understand why even the best deep dish Chicago-style restaurants can't make deep dish gluten free.

But I learned of one Chicago restaurant that does make deep dish gluten-free pizza, and I was determined to get there and try it.

And boy, was I glad I did. It was fantastic.

The restaurant is the easy to remember Chicago's Pizza, which actually has three locations on the Northside.

I went there late in the afternoon on my way to a night game at Wrigley Field, which turned out to be fortuitous timing because they offer a "Baby" stuffed pizza from 11 to 4, and I got there a little before 4. I was ready to order a regular small pizza which I would have been unlikely to finish but I was able to order the Baby pizza.

But first things first. When the hostess sat me, she asked if I was gluten free (what, is written on my forehead?) and then said something about bread, which I took to mean she would have brought out bread if I wasn't.

Then to my big surprise after I had ordered my pizza, she came back with a small plate with a hot slice of gluten-free bread on it! I wasn't expecting that at all, and it was very good.

As I waited for my pizza, I enjoyed Prairie Path beer on draft, which is a gluten removed beer. I know the jury is still out on whether these beers are completely safe but I feel comfortable ordering them in a restaurant. There is also the issue I've dealt with before about making sure a beer coming out of the tap is in fact the gluten-free one and the wait staff doesn't make a mistake, but the Chicago's Pizza staff seemed so attuned to gluten-free needs that I didn't worry. I get the impression they get a lot of gluten-free customers, which is why the hostess asked me if I was gluten free.

Then my stuffed gluten-free sausage pizza came. It was wonderful. I would have a hard time imagining people eating regular stuffed pizza could tell the difference. It was that good.

Stuffed gluten-free pizza and then drinking gluten-free beer at a Cubs game (they sell Redbridge there). What could be a better evening?

I should also mention on my second night in Chicago, I decided to give Pizzeria Uno a shot. If you're not familiar with it, this is the original Chicago restaurant which spawned the nationwide Uno Pizzeria & Grill chain.

I visited the Orlando Uno's restaurant a while back and thought its gluten-free pizza was pretty awful, which was a major disappointment. But the original Pizzeria Uno  is different than the chain so I figured I'd give it a shot.

I knew there wouldn't be deep dish gluten-free pizza available but all the other iconic Chicago deep dish places do offer a thin-crust gluten-free pizza. But when I walked in and asked the hostess, she said no, they don't have gluten-free pizza. I couldn't believe it.

So, Uno's in all its forms is now permanently off my list.

But it doesn't matter. I have a new favorite place: Chicago's Pizza. I can't wait to get back for more.