Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CeliAct finds Domino's pizzas pass its gluten-free test

Here's an interesting twist on the Domino's pizza controversy...
As you may recall, Domino's last month announced that it is now offering a gluten-free pizza, but it also said that it can not guarantee that the pizzas would not be cross-contaminated with gluten from other pizzas made in the same kitchen.
Some celiac advocates jumped all over Domino's, but I gave the company credit for at least being honest about its pizzas.
And yes, I tried the pizza and found it to be very good, and I didn't get sick. But of course, I normally don't get sick if I ingest gluten like many other celiacs do. My only complaint about the pizza was the price ($11.99 for a small pizza with two toppings).
But last week, a company called CeliAct, which sells nutritional supplements for celiacs, announced that it has independently tested Domino's pizzas. It bought pizzas from three restaurants in Boston, New Orleans and Washington, and found that the New Orleans and Boston pizzas had less than three parts per million of gluten. The Washington pizza had 7 parts per million.
Remember, the proposed FDA standard for labeling a product gluten free, which researchers assure me is a sound standard, is 20 parts per million. So these Domino's pizzas all could be considered gluten free.
Obviously, gluten contamination will vary by Domino's location. And I realize that some people can't tolerate even minute particles of gluten without getting sick. But I think I'll continue to order Domino's pizzas from time to time without worrying about it.
You can read the full report from CeliAct here:


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