Thursday, May 8, 2014

Final word on gluten-free options at The Players

Well, as I said in my Times-Union column today, I did get my TacoLu gluten-free taco at the Tacos on 12 tent at The Players this morning. But it's not the only gluten-free taco available at the golf tournament.

I really wanted to get a second taco from Corner Taco, which brought its food truck to the Trucks on 10 area near the 10th hole. Unfortunately, they weren't going to be ready to serve until after noon, and it was just too hot to stick around the tournament. I liked it a lot better when they held it in March.

Anyway, according to the sign on the Corner Taco truck, they are offering a fried mahi taco that is "always gluten free." I did get to ask them if their fried mahi was really gluten free and they assured me it is.

The other area I visited this morning, which was not part of the two media food tours I had before the tournament, was the food court behind the 16th green. The best option there is the Winn-Dixie tent where they are serving sandwiches with Dietz & Watson deli meats -- they probably could have just called it the Dietz & Watson tent.

Most if not all Dietz & Watson deli meats are gluten free and at the Winn-Dixie tent, they are offering the option of getting a sandwich on gluten-free bread for $1 extra.

The other gluten-free option in the food court is the MShack tent, where they have a burger with a lettuce wrap option, instead of a bun. Unfortunately, they told me the french fries are not gluten free.

I should also mention that the tacos are some of the best-priced items, at least as far as gluten-free items go at the tournament. TacoLu's tacos are only $4 and Corner Taco's is $5.

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