Friday, September 30, 2011

A few more of my favorite things

Completing my review of things I learned and wrote about with my previous blog, here are some of my favorite gluten-free items I've found in Jacksonville area stores.

Bread: We all know finding decent bread is a chore. The best I found came from the Cookie Momsters bakery on San Jose Boulevard.
But for those of you who can't make it to Cookie Momsters, from a convenience standpoint, my favorite choice is Udi's, which is available in most (but not all) Publix stores in the area. I was actually quite surprised this week to stop in Publix at the St. Johns Town Center and find they don't stock any gluten-free breads. But every other Publix I've been to has it.

Buns: By far the best hamburger buns I've had are made by Canyon Bakehouse, which are available at Native Sun.
Again, for convenience sake, it may be easier to find Udi's buns at Publix. Udi's offers both hamburger and hot dog buns.
I should also mention that Schar's makes a selection of par-baked gluten-free rolls. They sent me some free samples and they were fantastic, but I haven't seen them available in any stores. They are sold online.

Spaghetti: I have tried a number of overpriced gluten-free pastas that I didn't like at all. But surprisingly, the best spaghetti I found is a brand called Heartland which is sold at Walmart. It takes just like regular spaghetti, is reasonably priced, and is stocked with the other pastas on the shelf.

Ice cream cones: A company called Goldbaums makes gluten-free cones that have recently become available at Winn-Dixie stores. They seem just like regular cones to me.

Snacks: I've recently become addicted to Crunchmaster crackers, which has several varieties. And I've also been eating a lot of Fritos and way too many potato chips. But I'm looking for more variety and, in some cases, snacks that are less fattening.
I'm also particularly interested to see if anyone knows of any sugar-free gluten-free cookies. There are a lot of good gluten-free cookies out there but I try not to eat them because they are too sugary.
So I'm on the lookout for healthier gluten-free snacks, if anyone has any suggestions.

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