Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winn-Dixie promotes gluten-free items

Winn-Dixie Stores has been taking steps recently to promote gluten-free items in its stores. The latest move is to offer a special sales circular for gluten-free items.
The circular is available in stores and also on its website, which you can view here. Price in the ad are effective through Oct. 23.
Before it merged with Bi-Lo earlier this year, I had many opportunities to meet with former Winn-Dixie CEO Peter Lynch and pestered him with questions about gluten-free products. He seemed to recognize the importance and even told me a year ago that Winn-Dixie would be putting stickers on the store shelves to indicate products that are gluten-free, just like Publix does.
With the merger, that program seemed to be delayed and I haven't seen the stickers in my local store. But Bi-Lo has a gluten-free sticker program, so I'm hoping that will happen eventually. At least we know that Winn-Dixie is interested in serving gluten-free customers.

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