Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some new gluten-free bread finds in Jacksonville

A made a couple of interesting bread finds in the last few days.

The most exciting was finding Schar's parbaked baguettes at Native Sun. About a year ago, I got some free samples from Schar's of their parbaked rolls and they were the best gluten-free rolls I've had. You pop them in the oven for five or ten minutes and you have great fresh rolls. I've been waiting for these to become available at stores in the Jacksonville area.

I really liked the sub sandwich rolls. I felt that this was a product that all sub shops should have to accommodate gluten-free customers. The rolls come in individual plastic packages that have a long shelf life, so you can keep them around for a while. The baguettes I bought have a Feb. 22 freshness date.

There was a space marked on the shelf at Native Sun for the sub rolls but it was empty. Hopefully, they will be restocking because I really want to get my hands on them.

Unfortunately, I don't get to Native Sun that often because I don't live near there. That's why I was happy about my other find, finding Rudi's gluten-free bread at my local Publix. I know Rudi's has been available at Native Sun, but Publix is more convenient for me and probably a lot of other people.

Publix has been stocking Udi's for quite some time and I don't know yet if I prefer Rudi's to Udi's, but it's nice to know I now have a choice.

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