Thursday, December 12, 2013

Enter to win free goodies basket from Glutino

How would you like to win a free basket of gluten-free goodies from Glutino?

As most of you likely know, Glutino makes a wide variety of gluten-free products (and has been kind enough to send samples along for myself and others to try).

To celebrate the holidays, Glutino wants to send one of my readers a gift basket of some of the products I've been lucky enough to sample. The basket contains:

Breakfast: Instant pancake mix, Strawberry and Apple Cinnamon toaster pastries
Snacks: Pretzel Chips, Bagel Chips, Lemon Wafers, Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers and Cheddar Crackers
Baking Mixes: Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Brownie Mix, All Purpose Flour Mix

To enter to win, you can post a comment below. Or, you can post a comment on my latest Gluten-Free Glutton column on, printed today, which tells the story of how I was glutened by the Jaguars. Just let us know that you're gluten free.

One winner will be chosen at random on December 18


  1. Thanks to your help, I have been finding some great choices for gluten-free living! Im lucky to just be sensitive, not celiac! I have been thrilled by the new Ponte Vedra Publix selection of GF products. They have done a fantastic job! Not sure if you have checked it out yet. I love going to Whole Foods as well, it is definitely not geographically feasible to head over to Mandarin every week.

    The biggest thing I have noticed is that non GF family and friends have actually preferred some of my GF cooking over traditional stuff. Sure makes things easier.

  2. The perfect Christmas gift (for me)! I agree with Lesley, my family prefers my GF mac and cheese, lasagna, and phad thai!

  3. Well, since there were three official entries, I put the names into a hat and pulled one out and the winner is....Lesley. Sorry Nancy and Sarah Lee, but hopefully I'll get more free goodies to give out soon.