Monday, March 30, 2015

Pizzeria Uno pizza a disappointment

A couple of notes about my trip through Central Florida last week...

I stopped in Pizzeria Uno in Kissimmee to try its gluten-free pizza.

Pizzeria Uno is a national chain, although we don't have any in Jacksonville. The original Pizzeria Uno is one of Chicago's iconic deep dish pizza restaurants, so even though its gluten-free pizza is thin crust, I have been wanting to try it.

When I got to the restaurant and asked about a gluten-free menu, the hostess very excitedly pointed out an entire page within the regular menu listing gluten-free options. I wasn't actually expecting that so I was surprised to see it. It not only has pizza, but also hamburgers with Udi's buns, as well as seafood and chicken dishes. I definitely felt that I was in a gluten-free friendly place.

Of course, I ordered a pizza and -- I'm sorry to day -- it was disappointing. It was just okay, which basically wasn't good enough because I was expecting better.

Oh well. I did have a very good gluten-free experience at a relatively new place in Tampa called Burger Monger. I had seen someone raving about it Facebook and when I found it offered burgers on gluten-free buns, and the fries are gluten free, I had to try it.

It was pretty good. The place is very gluten-free friendly. I noticed a sign advertising some hot dog special on Thursdays, so I asked and they said, yes, they have gluten-free hot dog buns too. That was interesting (although I didn't try the hot dog).

There are four Burger Mongers in the Tampa Bay area. Although we have gluten-free burger places sprinkled around the Jacksonville area, I'm really getting jealous because there seems to be a lot of burger options in Tampa Bay. Oh well.

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