Thursday, March 5, 2015

Plenty of gluten-free choices at World of Beer

With the return of beach weather the last couple of days, I finally made it to the new World of Beer that opened about a month ago in downtown Jacksonville Beach.

World of Beer is a chain, and there is one in Tinseltown in Jacksonville, but this was my first visit to one if its pubs and I was impressed with the gluten-free selections.

I asked the bartender about gluten-free beers and she guided me to the gluten-free "section" of its refrigerator case. Behind the bar, there are large refrigerator cases behind glass displaying countless varieties of bottled beer, and there was even one shelf dedicated to gluten-free beers. It included varieties of New Planet and Green's beers.

She also pointed out that World of Beer had varieties of Omission, but they were stocked separately from the other gluten-free beers.

I wasn't planning to eat there but I did peruse the menu and I was surprised to find a handful of items marked "GF" indicating they are gluten free. Good to know if I find myself drinking a day away in the place.

Actually, that probably won't happen because World of Beer seemed kind of pricey to me. But still, I was very impressed with the gluten-free selections there and I'm sure I will be going back soon.

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