Friday, December 4, 2015

Disappointed by bb's menu

I visited bb's restaurant and bar in San Marco for lunch this week and I was disappointed. I was expecting more from its gluten-free menu.

About a year ago, I visited and wrote about Biscottis in Avondale's gluten-free menu, which included terrific gluten-free sandwiches. Since bb's has common ownership with Biscottis, I was hoping for the same.

However, I was disappointed to find bb's doesn't have gluten-free bread. It does have gluten-free pizzas and many of its other dishes can be made gluten free, but I was hoping for a sandwich.

The gluten-free menu lists sandwiches and says you can substitute field greens for bread, which I guess means you get meat and field greens. I actually call that a salad.

I did order a salad -- from the actual salad menu -- and it was very good. I could tell when I ordered that the waitress understood my need for a gluten-free meal (meaning no croutons, among other things), so there are positive things to say about bb's.

But I wish bb's did have the same, or a least similar, gluten-free sandwiches as Biscottis.

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