Tuesday, December 8, 2015

No difference in gluten-free latkes

Check out these two plates of potato latkes in the photo. One is gluten free and one isn't. Can you tell the difference?

Neither could I, if I didn't know (for the record, it's the plate on the left).

My mother made latkes last night for a Hanukkah dinner and, for my benefit, she made one batch of gluten-free latkes.

It wasn't complicated at all -- well, that's easy for me to say because I didn't cook them. It actually does take some effort to make potato latkes from scratch. But the point is, to make them gluten free, all she did was substitute gluten-free Bisquick for the regular flour in the recipe. Everything else was the same.

They tasted great. I can't imagine the other batch tasted any different than the gluten-free batch.

That's the good thing about the holidays. I don't think there's anything about a holiday meal that can't be made gluten free. Of course, it helps a lot of if you have understanding family and friends who will accommodate you at big gatherings. But hopefully, you'll have happy gluten-free holidays.

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