Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nothing new at new Winn-Dixie

I got to visit the new prototype Winn-Dixie store on Baymeadows Road, off of I-295, and didn't really see anything new -- from a gluten-free perspective anyway.

The new store is trying to emphasize fresh foods and has a more appealing display of its produce, but it's nothing you can't find at other Winn-Dixie stores.

The "allergy friendly" section is convenient, because it groups the frozen and non-frozen gluten-free items together in about the same spot. But I didn't see any new gluten-free products there.

The new store is also offering some new fresh items made in the store like barbecue and bakery products but, of course, this is nothing for us to eat.

So, there's no reason to make a special trip there to find any gluten-free items.


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