Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese gluten-free pizza goes national

A few months ago, I wrote about Chuck E. Cheese test marketing a gluten-free pizza. Now, according to pizza industry website pizzamarketplace.com, Chuck E. Cheese is offering the gluten-free pizza nationwide.

The website reports that the restaurant chain offers an individual-sized gluten-free pizza for $5.99 and also has a gluten-free chocolate fudge cupcake for $2.99.

I couldn't find an official announcement from the company so I would suggest calling ahead before visiting a Chuck E. Cheese to make sure the gluten-free items are available.

I should also mention that I've never been to a Chuck E. Cheese and probably never will, so I won't be offering a review. But if I see a good one, I'll pass it on.

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