Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Omission beer now at Publix

Here's another great find at Publix. They are now stocking Omission beer.

It's available at my local store and according to the Omission web site, at a lot of other local Publix supermarkets.

Besides the fact that we can buy it at the supermarket, rather than having to visit a specialty liquor store, there were a couple of other bonuses I found at my Publix:

1) It was actually available in the refrigerated beer section. Usually in my experience, gluten-free beers are not refrigerated, other than the ubiquitous Redbridge.
2) It was selling for $1 off, at least this week.

Omission has become a favorite of a lot of celiacs. The beer is made from barley, but the brewer says it has a proprietary process that removes the gluten. Each batch of Omission is tested for gluten, and you can check on the test results of your beer at the company's website.