Sunday, June 9, 2013

Canyon Bakehouse buns on sale at Native Sun

My favorite gluten-free hamburger buns are on sale this month at Native Sun.

The buns are made by Canyon Bakehouse, but I haven't bought them in a long, long time because of the price. Finally, Native Sun put them on sale again for $4.65 for a package of 4. That's about the equivalent of a package of Udi's buns at Publix, which I've been buying instead. The normal price for Canyon Bakehouse is $6.60.

Really, if you haven't tried them before and you can get to Native Sun, try them now.

I got to meet the owners of Canyon Bakehouse a while back at a gluten-free conference and told them how much I liked the product. I was hoping they would offer me some freebies, but no such luck. Oh well.

Actually, I should say these are my favorite buns that you can buy retail. I really like the gluten-free buns available at Epik Burger, but they get them from their food service company and I don't think they are available retail.

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