Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jags trying to fix gluten-free problems

The Jaguars have had their problems on the field this year but, of course, I'm more concerned about the problems they are having at the concession stands: specifically, the fact that I was glutened at their last home game.

If you didn't read my post last month, I was served a hot dog with a bun they claimed was gluten free but actually wasn't, and I got sick. The people working the hot dog booths clearly had no idea what gluten free means.

With another home game coming up this week, I had a chance today to talk to the people in charge of the concession areas and they assure me they are taking this seriously and working to correct the problems. As they explained, the concession stands are staffed by volunteers that can change every week, so they haven't necessarily been getting any training. Of course they don't know what to do when someone asks for a gluten-free hot dog.

The Jaguars say they are working to change that so that everyone working at the stands knows where to go to get gluten-free buns when someone orders one.

I have also been assured that the bartenders in the Bud Zone will be educated to know that there are gluten-free beers for sale. Last game, at least two didn't seem to know that.

I do believe the Jaguars are taking this problem seriously -- I expressed repeatedly that serving food with gluten that they claim is gluten free is dangerous. Still, I'm not sure I'd feel confident eating a hot dog at EverBank Field right now.

My advice remains: eat before you go.

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