Thursday, February 27, 2014

Glutino honey mustard pretzels beat Snyder's

Last month, Glutino sent me a sample bag of its new honey mustard pretzels, which I really enjoyed. But at the same time, I noticed that Snyder's of Hanover also had gluten-free honey mustard & onion pretzels available in local stores.

So I finally got around to buying a bag of Snyder's and here's my verdict: the Snyder's pretzels are okay, but I have to say the Glutino pretzels had more flavor. And I'm not just saying that because Glutino sent me a free bag and I had to buy a bag of Snyder's.

At least there's some good news about Snyder's: the quality seems to be better than the gluten-free pretzels they were selling a couple of years ago, which often seemed to be stale. I never did contact Snyder's for an explanation but I noticed their gluten-free pretzels seemed to disappear completely from the market for a while, so maybe they were taking the time to improve the product.

I'll be looking for either the Glutino or Snyder's honey mustard pretzels to be on sale. Even though I prefer Glutino, I'd say both are worthwhile.

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