Monday, March 10, 2014

Another St. Johns Town Center option

Some people might complain about the restaurant choices at the St. Johns Town Center because they are mainly big chain restaurants. But from my point of view, the Town Center is an oasis because just about every restaurant there has appealing gluten-free options.

Last night I visited BlackFinn American Grille for the first time. The nice thing about its menu is that there are a number of choices marked on the menu as either "gluten free" or "available as gluten free," meaning they can be modified to suit us.

I saw several good choices on the dinner menu. I chose a shrimp stir fry, which includes rice noodles and is marked as "gluten free." It was very good. I really can't remember having a dish like that anywhere in quite a while.

The waiter seemed to understand my problems and took care of me. My salad was late in arriving and he came over and explained that they originally prepared my salad with croutons and when he saw that, he told them to make me another salad.

I looked at the lunch menu online and it's not as appealing -- there are only a couple of salads marked as gluten free. But I would highly recommend BlackFinn as a dinner option.

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