Monday, April 28, 2014

Jaxon Social marks gluten-free dishes on the menu

One other note about my tour of The Players Championship food venues last week.

I was able to pick up a menu from Jaxon Social, the restaurant that took over the KC Crave spot in Jacksonville Beach.

The menu had several dishes marked with a "GF" tag that indicates "this dish can be prepared gluten-free upon request."

I haven't actually been to the restaurant, so I can't tell you more about it, but I thought that was a nice touch that you would all want to know about.

Jaxon Social is one of the restaurants that will be providing food in The Michelob Ultra Blue Room VIP Lounge, which is a pricey ticketed lounge that is being targeted toward a younger crowd at the golf tournament. Jaxon Social will be there on Sunday of the tournament, which is next week.

I see that Mellow Mushroom is scheduled to be the food provider on Thursday of the tournament, but I'm betting that gluten-free pizza probably won't be on the menu.

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