Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suns provide a good gluten-free experience

I went to my first Jacksonville Suns game of the season last night and I have to say it was a good gluten-free experience, with one glitch.

As I've noted before, you have to go to the Sundowner Lounge, a bar upstairs from the main concourse at the ballpark, to get the gluten-free items. I went before the game to get a hot dog and beer (they are stocking Redbridge).

The hot dog, which was a pretty good sized-hot dog, came with a choice of french fries or chips. That and the beer only cost me $10, which is pretty good for any meal at a ballpark, let alone a gluten-free meal. I never asked the breakdown but I think I was getting a happy hour price on the beer that made it cheaper.

I went back for a second Redbridge later and it only cost $5, which again is a pretty reasonable price to pay at a ballpark.

The glitch was, when I ordered my hot dog, they couldn't find the gluten-free buns. It took a while for them to track them down. The nice thing was the bartender gave me some free potato chips to eat while I was waiting for them to find the buns. So I actually ended up with a big hot dog, french fries and chips. I was pretty full.

This did make me think of a drawback to the Suns gluten-free experience. I'm quite at home sitting at a bar waiting for my food but if you're bringing kids to the ballpark, that might be a problem. I'm sure if your kids have celiac, they're going to want a hot dog and there's only one place to get them.

I should also mention that when I went for my second beer, the bartender asked if I was going to come back for another one, because she would have to go get some more. Between that and the search for buns, I'm pretty sure I was the only gluten-free customer in a crowd of 3,663. I hope that doesn't discourage the Suns from continuing to offer the gluten-free items, but I don't think it will.


  1. Fyi today they have no gluten free hot dog buns in the sundowner after looking for awhile. Such is the gluten free life.

  2. Hmm, every time I think we're making progress...