Monday, July 7, 2014

Some new gluten-free finds

A few words on some recent gluten-free finds....

I've already written about Prairie Path, a craft beer from Illinois which has made its way to Jacksonville. Forgetting about the recent screw-up at Mellow Mushroom that caused me to get glutened, I was happy to see Prairie Path available on tap. And just last week, I found six-packs of bottled Prairie Path available at Total Wine.

It cost $9.99 for the six-pack (although I had a $1 off coupon), comparable to other gluten-free beers.  I really enjoyed it and it seemed to make a perfect beer for the 4th of July barbecue I attended (bringing my own gluten-free buns, of course).

Prairie Path is similar to Omission. It is brewed with a process that removes gluten and the brewer says it falls under the 20 ppm standard. I know some people are uncomfortable with that, but I've been drinking Omission and now Prairie Path with no problems. I just like having more gluten-free beer choices.

Secondly, I want to follow up on the news that Canyon Bakehouse breads are now available at all Target stores. I did find a couple of varieties of Canyon Bakehouse at my local Target, but I found an even bigger selection when I went to the larger Super Target at Beach and Hodges Boulevards. There were five varieties of Canyon Bakehouse bread there, which I think represents its entire line.

Unfortunately, I didn't find Canyon Bakehouse buns there. Also, there were no discounts but since it's Target, maybe we'll find them on sale one of these days.

Finally, I want to mention the latest samples I received from Glutino, which were Wafer Bites.

Wafer Bites come in three flavors and were all pretty good: hazelnut, chocolate and lemon. What I liked about them is that the small size made portion control very easy. I know portion control is something we can do on our own, but somehow the small wafer bites made it easy.

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