Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good pizza, but bad ordering process at Pizza Hut

Since yesterday was opening day for Pizza Hut's gluten-free pizza, of course I had to try it.

The pizza did taste good but I have to say, the process of ordering it was confusing and disappointing.

I ordered my pizza from Pizza Hut's website, which had a clear link for "gluten free." However, I was not happy with the process once I clicked on it.

First of all, Pizza Hut promised that its cheese and pepperoni pies are certified gluten free, but they can't guarantee a build-your-own pizza would be gluten free. So, I expected to see something indicating I was ordering a safe product if I got a pepperoni pizza.

There is a warning before you order that there is a risk of cross contamination, but there is nothing to indicate that they have a different process for cheese or pepperoni pizzas. The only thing you can do is build your own pizza with a gluten-free crust and indicate you want pepperoni on it. That raised a lot of questions for me about the safety of the process, and I did not feel as comfortable ordering as I thought I would.

Then, on an unrelated issue, when I finished the ordering process, the website said my carry-out order would be ready in "about an hour." That would be ridiculous for a carry-out order, so I called the store immediately and they told me that my pizza was already being prepared and would be ready in 15 minutes. They had no explanation for why the website said it would take an hour.

So, I was a bit frustrated when I went out to pick up the pizza.

The pizza did come in a special gluten-free box, as promised. And it was quite tasty, so I was happy about that.

However, I really hope they can improve the ordering process to make us feel better about it.

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