Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Uncle Maddio's features many gluten-free pizza choices

I visited the new Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint at the corner of Baymeadows and Southside, the chain's first Jacksonville location.

Uncle Maddio's promises on its website that it has "over 20 gluten-free options." I was definitely impressed by the gluten-free menu because it includes a number of specialty pizzas. Of course, many restaurants that offer gluten-free pizzas only have a limited number of options.

So, looking for something different, I ordered a Jamaican Jerk pizza.

This is one of those places where they make the pizza right in front of you. When I ordered a gluten-free pizza, they asked if I had an allergy and immediately changed gloves and brought out some fresh ingredients. Like just about every other pizza place, they don't have a separate prep area for gluten-free pizzas but seem to be aware of the issues and take steps to try and prevent cross contamination.

As for the pizza, I was disappointed that the chicken didn't seem to have much flavor to it. On the other hand, I thought the gluten-free crust was great, one of the best gluten-free crusts I've had.

So, I would visit Uncle Maddio's again, but I might stick to a more traditional pizza like pepperoni.

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