Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cap's a great choice for a gluten-free dinner

It was long overdue, but I finally made to Cap's on the Water, which is on the Intracoastal Waterway near Vilano Beach.

I've been meaning to go for a long time because I understood it was gluten-free friendly, but I know it draws a big crowd on the weekends and that has deterred me in the past. It's the old Yogi Berra joke: nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded.

Anyway, I went on Monday night when it had a good crowd (it was a nice weather day) but was not overly crowded.

Sure enough, I saw right away that it was gluten-free friendly because it has a gluten-free menu paged tucked in the back of its regular menu booklet. I didn't even have to ask for a gluten-free menu.

Of course, there are seafood options on the gluten-free menu but also a couple of other interesting items. It has gluten-free pasta dishes made with rice noodles and appetizers that are available with gluten-free crackers. I don't remember seeing gluten-free crackers available anywhere else.

I went for blackened grouper, and it was excellent. There are also several gluten-free sides to choose from with your entree.

I didn't want to drink beer because it was a long drive, but I should also note that it has Estrella Damm Daura on its beer menu.

All in all, Cap's was a good experience.

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