Friday, February 27, 2015

V Pizza brings another gluten-free pizza option to the Beach

Another place I've been waiting and waiting to try was V Pizza, ever since I saw Jennifer write about it on her Gluten Free Jacksonville blog. Unfortunately, its San Marco location was inconvenient for me.

But fortunately, V Pizza finally opened its Beaches location a couple of weeks ago in downtown Jacksonville Beach, across the street from the Pier. So I got to try it this week.

I ordered a standard sausage pizza. The thing I liked about it was that it was kind of different than the standard gluten-free pizzas I've been getting. The crust was the same, but the sauce was different than your standard pizzas. Also, the sausage was basically chunks of sausage, which was not what I expected.

I know that's not a good description but I'm having a hard time describing it. But it was good, and it's worth a try if you're looking for new gluten-free pizza options.

The one drawback to V Pizza is that it's pricey. On the regular menu, pizzas start with a base price of $14 and they add a $3 surcharge for gluten-free pizza. Fortunately, they have a lunch special where you can get a one-topping pizza plus a drink for $9.95. Of course, they did add $3 for the gluten-free pizza but the total, with tax, came to a reasonable $13.86.

Sorry, gluten-free pizza isn't cheap, but at least there a lot of options out there now.

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