Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A great homemade gluten-free pizza

I don't normally talk about food I cook myself, but I made a great pizza at home last night so I felt a need to share. It even looked good coming out of the oven, so I had the foresight to take a photo.

The real point is, if I can make a pizza at home, anyone can do it. I basically started doing this because the cost of restaurant gluten-free pizza is so ridiculously high and they almost never offer bargains (I get sick of watching TV commercials with chains advertising their great pizza deals, which never apply to gluten free).

Homemade pizza also has the extra benefit of having no risk of cross contamination.

I use Udi's pre-made crusts. I've tried some others but as far as what's available in Jacksonville stores, these seem to be the best. And I usually buy them at Walmart, where they tend to be cheaper than in other supermarkets.

I use Publix pizza sauce, which is also usually pretty cheap, and I generally use either Publix or Sargento shredded cheese. The cheese I buy depends on what brand of cheese is on sale, and there always seems to be one brand on sale.

I sometimes make plain cheese pizza, but I also happened to find Hormel pepperoni on sale, so this was a pepperoni pizza. My experience tells me that higher-class pepperoni isn't any better than this.

I cook the pizza for 12 minutes at 375 degrees. The Udi's crust package says to cook it for seven minutes, but it seems to come out better at 12. And I cook it on a pizza stone that I put in the oven.

This pizza costs me about $5 to make usually, although it was probably a little more this time because of the pepperoni, but not much more. And it tasted great. If you like pizza, you should try this some time.

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