Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Jimmy John's gluten-free update

Two years ago, I posted an item on gluten-free options at Jimmy John's restaurant. Of course, Jimmy John's is a sub place, but you can get an "Unwich," which substitutes a lettuce wrap for bread.

Anyway, I noticed people keep clicking on that two-year old post and occasionally comment on it. I can see why: if you Google "Jimmy Johns gluten free," my blog post is the first thing that pops up.

So, if people keep reading it, I felt an obligation to update it. So, I asked Jimmy Johns for the current list of gluten-free food available. So here is their response, current as of November 2015:

Avocado – It is gluten free.
Bacon - It is gluten free.
Beef - It is not gluten free.
Ham - It is gluten free.
Capicola - It is gluten free.
Salami - It is gluten free.
Turkey - It is gluten free. 
French bread - It is not gluten free.
Wheat bread - It is not gluten free.
Tuna – It is not gluten free. 
Cheese - It is gluten free. (Based on the FDA proposed ruling saying that product with <20 ppm gluten can be labeled as gluten free)
Mayo - It is gluten free. 
Regular Chips – It is gluten free.
Thinny Chips - It is gluten free.
BBQ Chips - It is not gluten free.
S & V Chips - It is not gluten free.
Jalp Chips - It is gluten free.

Personally, I do prefer places that do offer subs on gluten-free rolls (like Larry's Giant Subs in the Jacksonville area). But I do occassionally find myself in a strange place looking to grab a quick gluten-free bite, and I'll stop in a Jimmy John's for an Unwich. So, it's nice to have this list.

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