Monday, November 16, 2015

SmartBun an interesting new gluten-free product

So I went to the gluten and allergen free wellness event in Jacksonville on Saturday and realized how unhealthy my diet is.

Okay, I knew that already. But I have to say, listening to the speakers talk about their diets that go well beyond just being gluten free, I was feeling guilty. In fairness to me, those people had health problems well beyond celiac disease and had to take more precautions with their diet to get healthy.

My main goal was to find new gluten-free products in the expo portion of the event. As you can see on the photo on the right, I tried to take a picture but people kept moving and on my cheap phone, all the photos came out blurry. Sorry about that.

But there was good news. I found one really good product that I hope makes it onto Jacksonville store shelves soon.

The product is a hamburger bun called SmartBun. If you know anything about gluten-free buns, they tend to be very heavy and overwhelm the meat in the sandwich, I guess because that's the only way to keep them in one piece. Lighter gluten-free buns crumble in your hands and make a mess.

However, the SmartBun is a light bun with only 76 calories. I found when I took home samples and tried it with a chicken burger, it held together well and was so much less filling than other gluten-free buns.

The SmartBun is made by a company in Sanford called Smart Baking Co., which is also promising to come out with a healthy SmartCake soon. According to its website (, the products are available at a number of Central Florida stores but haven't made it to Jacksonville yet. Hopefully we will see them, because you'll want to try them.

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