Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Jaguars vendor open to gluten-free suggestions

The Jaguars have a new food service provider this year, Delaware North Sportservice, so I was of course very interested to see what gluten-free concessions they have to offer.

They did send me a thorough list and seem to be aware of gluten-free issues, but I have to say I was disappointed. The one thing I really want to see on the list is gluten-free beer, and there isn't any. You can get McKenzie's cider, but no beer.

Now in fairness to Delaware North, a spokeswoman asked me to give them a chance because they are new to the market and are open to suggestions. One of their executives is a celiac so they are attentive to our needs.

So yes, I'll give them a chance but I am suggesting they offer gluten-free beer.

You'll notice on the list that they have gluten-free buns available at the hot dog stands but if you've been reading my blog for several years, you'll remember the horrible experience I had with the previous vendor when the workers at the stands had no idea about the difference between gluten-free and regular buns. So I'm not going to have a hot dog at the stadium unless they have a dedicated gluten-free cart. I'll have to make that suggestion also.

The most interesting item on the list is French fries. If they have a dedicated fryer, that could be an appealing snack.

Anyway, here's the complete list provided by Delaware North:

2016 Gluten Free Items and Section Locations
Kayem Hot Dogs with Bun* – 104, 115, 131, 142, 414, 442
Slaw Dog - 131
Popcorn – 104, 115, 119, 131, 142, 146, 150, 405, 414, 431, 442
Peanuts –All portable stands throughout the stadium
Pumpkin Seeds – 133
Sunflower Seeds – 133
Kettlecorn - 133
French Fries – 105, 114, 128, 132, 141, 146, 409, 410, 435, 436
Caesar Salad – US Assure Clubs 110, 137, 208, 235
Shrimp Cocktail – US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Fresh Oysters - US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Ceviche - US Assure Clubs-Upper 210, 237
Mister Softee Soft Served Ice Cream – 119, 128, 408, 439
Gatorade – All stand locations
McKenzie’s Hard Cider – 119, 127
*can request gluten free bun

2016 Gluten Free Items created in a facility with Gluten and Section Locations
Nacho Grande - 104, 115, 125, 131, 142, 414, 442
Garlic Tater Tots – US Assure Clubs 107, 134
Guacamole with Chips – US Assure Clubs 108, 135

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