Friday, April 20, 2012

Hidden Valley adding gluten-free labels

Hidden Valley Salad Dressings announced this week that they have added a "gluten free" logo to their salad dressing bottles that are gluten free. That's something I consider good news.
A good number of salad dressings are gluten free, but I'm never quite sure unless the company confirms it. I generally buy Ken's salad dressings because the company provides a complete list of its gluten-free products on its website:
I've also found Ken's Buffalo wing sauce, which is on the gluten-free list, to be pretty good.
On the other hand, I refuse to buy any Kraft products because they make it so difficult. On Kraft's website, it tells you to read the list of ingredients on the label, rather than telling you which products are gluten free. And in my opinion, they make it as complicated as possible:
In it's press release this week announcing the gluten-free labels, Hidden Valley said its manufacturing plants have "stringent allergen control programs to prevent cross-contamination and all of the products listed as gluten free undergo scheduled testing to ensure that the quality of the claim matches the quality of the products."
Thanks, I think I'll give Hidden Valley a try.

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