Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Suns' gluten-free experience everything I had hoped for

I hope you've read my latest Times-Union column that provides more detail on gluten-free ballpark eating.

As it turned out, I made my first visit of the season today to the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville to check out the Jacksonville Suns' new gluten-free menu. It was too late to add any of those details to the column, which you can read here.

But just to update everyone, the gluten-free ballpark experience was everything I hoped it would be.

The hot dogs are a bit pricey, like everything else gluten-free, at $6. But it was a good hot dog. The bun, which they tell me is from Rudi's, crumpled just slightly in the middle but otherwise was a very good bun.

The other gluten-free sandwiches, including chicken, burgers and pulled pork, are a bit higher.

But the Redbridge beer is priced at $6, which is not outrageous for a ballpark beer. So I'm happy about that. Remember, the Jaguars charged $11 for a Redbridge.

So yes, it looks like a good season of gluten-free hot dogs and beer with the Jacksonville Suns. Enjoy.

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