Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disclaimers and price aside, I liked my Domino's gluten-free pizza

Despite the disclaimers, I had to try Domino's new gluten-free pizza last night. As you know, Domino's announced the availability of its gluten-free pizza on Monday but also said that it could not guarantee that it's safe for celiacs, because of cross-contamination issues in its kitchen. In fact, when you order online and click on the gluten-free crust, a disclaimer pops up on the screen. I give them a lot of credit for honesty.
I'm a bad example for other celiacs because I never really get sick from eating a small amount of gluten. But I was fairly confident I could eat the Domino's pizza and, of course, I didn't get sick last night.
Anyway, I really liked the pizza. I hadn't eaten Domino's in a long time even before getting diagnosed with celiac, but I've seen all those TV commercials with the CEO claiming they've improved the product. I have to say my pizza was very tasty, with a good crust.
But speaking of the Domino's commercials, how about giving us a break on price? Domino's says the pricing of its gluten-free pizza varies by store, and my small pizza (the only size available for gluten free) with two toppings was $11.99 plus tax.
When I went to Domino's to pick up my pizza, I saw the big sign on the window about its Monday through Wednesday carry-out deal of a large three-topping pizza for $7.99. And when I got home with my pizza and turned on the TV, I saw the commercial for that $7.99 carry-out special twice within 15 minutes.
Talk about rubbing it in ... just how much price gouging is a celiac supposed to take? Oh well, let's face it, we're used to it.

By the way, Domino's wasn't the only national chain to make gluten-free pizza news this week. Chuck E. Cheese announced it will begin testing a gluten-free pizza and chocolate cupcake in its Minnesota restaurants, with the hope of rolling it out nationally if all goes well.
All I can say for Chuck E. Cheese is, it's about time. Gluten free is irritating enough for adults but I've long realized that it has to be awful for kids, who have to feel left out at birthday parties when they can't enjoy the treats that the other kids are eating. I would have thought that Chuck E. Cheese would have realized this a long time ago and taken steps to come up with gluten-free options.

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