Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gluten-free Goldfish made in certified facility

Here's some more good news about Pepperidge Farm's new gluten-free version of Goldfish crackers: according to a press release from the company last week, the new snacks are made in a certified gluten-free facility.

The packaging for the product, called Goldfish Puffs, says that they are gluten free but doesn't have a gluten-free certification mark. I'm sure that makes some people nervous, but at least the company says now that they are made in a certified facility.

Pepperidge Farms isn't really pushing Goldfish Puffs to the gluten-free crowd. The press release indicates the company is marketing this to teens as a "fun reinvention of one of their favorite childhood snacks."

As I said in my previous post, I think Goldfish are a great snack for any age. I was eating the original Goldfish for about 40 years before I was diagnosed with celiac.

The company is also marketing Goldfish Puffs as healthy because they are "baked, with no artificial preservatives and offer 10g whole grains per serving."

Goldfish Puffs come in three flavors. I had already tried the Mega Cheese variety after finding it in my local Target (the only store where I've seen them) and really liked them. But the company was kind enough to send me packages of all three varieties along with the press release, so now I've tried all of them.

I have to say I liked the Cheddar Bacon flavor even more than the Mega Cheese. I'll definitely be buying more of those.

The other flavor, Buffalo Wing, is okay, but I like the other two more.

Goldfish Puffs are sold in 7-ounce packages for a suggested retail price of $2.99. The company says 2-ounce bags will also be available in convenience stores for 99 cents.

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