Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gluten-free pancakes even I can make

One of the drawbacks to my gluten-free diet is my lack of cooking skills. I have a feeling I'd have it a lot easier time if I was just a better cook.

So I appreciate products that make things easy for me, like Glutino's instant gluten-free pancake mix. The company sent me a sample this week and I found that, yes, even I could make them very quickly and easy.

The mix comes in a plastic carton with instructions to just add a cup of water and shake it. Suddenly, you have instant pancake batter.

The carton says you can make 10 to 12 pancakes but, I just made one big pancake with some batter left over.

It cooked quickly and easily and tasted like, well, a regular pancake. I was pleased.

I haven't seen this in local stores but Glutino said is available nationwide. The suggested retail price for the 6.67-ounce carton is $5.29.


  1. I saw this at Wal-Mart of all places. The Wal-Mart at Atlantic and Kernan has a small but mighty column of gluten free items from Glutino, Vans, and other brands. The prices are definitely cheaper then Whole Foods and Publix. If you stop by, the section is not easy to find. It's in the back, the first or second row in the center (not on the left where the rest of the food is), where the "snacks" (peanuts, fruit snacks, etc) are located, right before where pet food starts.

  2. Udi's products are supposedly available at some Walmarts but I haven't found them. I would love to see the prices on them at Walmart.