Monday, September 30, 2013

Gluten-free wraps at Larry's Giant Subs

I was talking to Larry Raikes of Larry's Giant Subs and he told me that, in addition to offering gluten-free subs, the sandwich chain is now offering gluten-free wraps.

So I went and tried one today, just a regular turkey sub in a wrap instead of a roll. It was very good. I like the sub sandwiches there a lot but this was good too.

The wraps have the advantage of being lighter than the sub sandwiches, and also cheaper. There is a $1.25 surcharge for the gluten-free wrap, while the gluten-free sub rolls have a $2.25 surcharge.

Larry said the gluten-free wraps, in addition to the gluten-free subs, are available at all 70 Larry's Giant Subs restaurants.

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  1. what are the ingredients in wrap both guten free and whole wheat