Monday, October 7, 2013

Yes, a fresh-baked gluten-free donut...but in Chicago

My quest to find a fresh-baked gluten-free donut was finally fulfilled...but I had to go to Chicago to do it.

I found it at a small donut shop in the Loop called Do-Rite Donuts. I discovered it in a Google search and saw on its website that it had fresh varieties of gluten-free donuts that change daily.

I went there on Saturday morning and asked what they had gluten free. The clerk said they had one maple bacon donut left. Of course, I said "sold!"

It was about 8:30 a.m. I asked her how early you normally have to get there before the gluten-free donuts run out and she said they make them fresh all day, depending on demand. She also said if you call ahead and let them know you're coming, they'll set aside a gluten-free donut for you. That's very encouraging and good to know for my next visit to Chicago.

Yes, it was delicious...a frosted donut with bacon on top.

I also found a new gluten-free beer while in Chicago, a craft brew called Prairie Path. I don't know how wide its distribution is.

The interesting thing is that I got in a bottle in one bar/restaurant but actually got it on draft at another - Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. That was the first time I've ever seen a gluten-free beer on tap!

This is a beer similar to Omission -- it's crafted to remove the gluten. According to the brewer's website, Prairie Path is certified at 5 ppm of gluten, well below the 20 ppm standard.

And by the way, at Lou Malnati's, I once again was able to get their gluten-free deep dish pizza, which is a pizza built on a crust made of sausage.

Look, I didn't go to Chicago to eat healthy, but I went there to enjoy myself. A deep dish pizza, as well as the first fresh-baked donut and draft beer I've had in almost three years!

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