Monday, March 31, 2014

Still searching for a decent hot dog bun

To celebrate baseball's opening day, I decided to have hot dogs. Unfortunately, it wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped.

The hot dog itself isn't a problem. Most hot dogs are naturally gluten free and I bought Nathan's brand, which claims on the label that they are gluten free.

But as always, the bun was, well, mediocre. From my experience, gluten-free hot dog buns range from stale and awful to mediocre, and this was no different.

I found Rudi's gluten-free hot dog buns on sale at Publix about a month ago so I bought them and kept them around in the freezer, anticipating the baseball season. They looked different than other hot dog buns I've tried, so I was somewhat optimistic.

But they weren't very good, and one of the two buns I had crumbled in my hands.

I've been encouraged recently by improvements in gluten-free hamburger buns, so I'm wondering: why is so hard to make a good gluten-free hot dog bun?

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