Thursday, June 12, 2014

Great burger at Moxie, but the bun crumbles

I finally made it to Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails at the St. Johns Town Center to try its gluten-free burger.

I've been wanting to try it since Tom Gray, the chef who runs Moxie, told me about it a few months ago. A couple of things held me back: one is that Moxie is pricey; the second is that I was told the fries weren't gluten free.

However, I finally went yesterday, prepared to have a side salad or whatever with my burger.

I got the gluten-free menu at the restaurant and was surprised to see it listed the burger with fries. I asked the server, who didn't seem very knowledgeable about the gluten-free menu. So I asked her to check with the kitchen.

She came back and said, yes, the fries are gluten free. So I was happy to order my burger and fries.

There are actually a lot of options on the gluten-free menu. I'd love to tell you more about it but I was basically fixated on getting a burger, so I didn't really look it over. The gluten-free menu is not posted on the Moxie website.

The burger was absolutely delicious. According to the menu, it's a beef-pork-bacon blend. It worked for me.

However, the bun didn't. I ran into that age-old gluten-free problem. The bun crumbled in my hands.

I've had a lot of good luck with gluten-free buns lately, both at restaurants and even in the Udi's buns I buy at Publix. I was pretty optimistic that the general state of gluten-free buns was improving, so I was disappointed in this bun.

The burger cost $14, which is a lot for a burger, obviously. The good news is, when I sat down, they offered me a bottle of complimentary sparkling water which they said is made in-house. So I didn't pay for a beverage. That brought the total bill to $14.98 with tax.

Anyway, despite the bun problem, I did enjoy the burger and the gluten-free menu looks very good. So I would recommend Moxie.

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