Friday, October 10, 2014

A second try at Trader Joe's

I made a second visit to Trader Joe's, when it was less crowded than opening day but still pretty well packed, and found a few gluten-free items I didn't see on my first visit.

I found the gluten-free cheese pizza in the pizza section that I didn't notice the first time. I also found gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and chicken nuggets.

I guess my disappointment with this store is that I'm not really finding anything I can't get anywhere else. I was looking at a package of turkey burgers and by the list of ingredients, it would seem that it was gluten free. However, it's not on Trader Joe's list of products that are gluten free, which you can find on its website (

According to the website, if the product has been validated to have less than the 20 parts per million standard, it will be labeled gluten free. That means I can't assume that other products that seem to have all gluten free ingredients are actually gluten free.

So anyway, that's my take. For my money, Earth Fare is a much better place to go for a gluten-free selection.

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