Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bard's beer missing from Jacksonville market

One of the interesting things I learned on my Native Sun tour last week is that they haven't been able to get Bard's Tale Beer from their distributor.

It hadn't really occurred to me but when I thought about it, I realized I hadn't seen Bard's in any stores recently. Also, the restaurants that had been offering it seemed to be selling different gluten-free beers instead.

So, I went to the locator on the Bard's website, which will tell you stores and bars/restaurants that offer the beer, and confirmed that Bard's beer is not available anywhere in the Jacksonville market.

I called and emailed the company and got a very quick email response from Bard's CEO Brian Kovalchuk:

"We are currently looking for a new distributor for the market and hope to be back in the stores in the first quarter of next year," he said.

Since we have such a limited selection of gluten-free beers, it is disappointing to find one of the few major brands is not available. Hopefully, Bard's will in fact get this resolved soon. At least the quick response from the CEO tells me that the company is responsive to customer needs.

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