Friday, December 12, 2014

You can skip Udi's burritos

My Times-Union column yesterday focused on my search for gluten-free Chinese food, but another food I really haven't been able to find at all for the last four years is a gluten-free burrito.

You'll never find a gluten-free burrito in a restaurant, but I have seen some frozen burritos in grocery stores. Unfortunately, they are never any good.

But I keep trying. This week, I found frozen gluten-free burritos made by Udi's in Walmart, which are apparently new. So of course, I gave it a try.

My expectations were low, and the chicken burrito lived up to them. That is to say, it wasn't very good. I'm not going to try this again.

The Walmart had three varieties of Udi's burritos, and Udi's website shows eight varieties. I really don't think I'll be trying the other seven.

I've tried to make my own burritos at home using the various gluten-free tortillas you can find in stores. But of course, the problem is they always fall apart in my hands.

So, I'm still searching

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