Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Add bagels to the list of Trader Joe's GF products

When I posted a couple of days ago about the new gluten-free bread products at Trader Joe's, I looked for information on their web page and found that Trader Joe's also introduced its own gluten-free bagels last week.

There were no bagels when I visited the store last week, so I went again yesterday and found, yes, they now have gluten-free bagels. A package of four was $4.49, not a great price, but not bad compared with non-sale prices for other gluten-free bagel brands.

My bagel of choice is Udi's, so I'm comparing Trader Joe's bagels to that. I tried one this morning and I'd have to rank it a bit below Udi's in taste, but not bad. Aside from Udi's, the Trader Joe's bagel was probably better than the other gluten-free brands I've tried.

So yes, the gluten-free product list at Trader Joe's keeps growing.

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