Wednesday, April 8, 2015

At least the Corner Taco truck will be at One Spark

Watching local TV news this morning, I was irritated by the excitement they showed over the Food Village at One Spark in downtown Jacksonville.

Now I didn't expect the TV station to talk about gluten-free options, but I was irritated because I've had such a hard time finding out what will be available to eat at One Spark.

The good news is the Corner Taco truck is scheduled to be there, so at least you should be able to get something gluten free there. I also see a couple of gluten-free friendly restaurants, BB's and Bistro Aix, are on the list of vendors, but I wouldn't count on necessarily finding gluten-free options at festival food booths.

The other irritating thing is the talk about the "beer village." I guarantee you there will be no gluten-free beer there.

As I've said before, I won't go anyplace if I don't know for sure in advance if I can get gluten-free food and drink. If I worked downtown, it might be a different story, but the hassle of driving through the I-95 construction zone and trying to find downtown parking makes One Spark very unappealing for me.

I hate to be so negative about an event some people really love, but these are people who will grab a beer and walk around with lots of food options and have fun. I have a feeling that if I went, I would just feel left out.

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