Monday, April 20, 2015


Okay, I've been complaining a lot lately about places and events that don't have anything gluten-free available. Maybe I've been expecting too much and I'm overreacting.

But when a venue has signs saying it has gluten-free beer, but doesn't actually have that's something to complain about.

I went to see The Who last night at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. As I wrote last spring, the arena now is supposed to have gluten-free available. Don't take my word for it -- it's right there on the menu board. (You may not be able to see it in my poor quality photo but it's there on the right side of the menu under "beer": "Gluten Free Beer 8.00")

So I go up to the stand and ask for a gluten-free beer. Of course, the guy doesn't understand what I'm asking for. I point to it on the menu board. He goes and gets somebody else, who goes to talk to somebody else. Finally, they come back and say they don't have any. Maybe I can try another location.

So I do go to another stand that also has "Gluten Free Beer" on the menu board. This time, at least the guy knew what I was talking about. But he tells me they sold out of gluten-free beer last night and didn't restock.

Okay, they had arena football on Friday night, Guns N' Hoses on Saturday night and The Who on Sunday night. I guess it's plausible that they could have sold a lot of beer at those first two events, even gluten-free beer. But if you're running the arena and you know you have all these events coming up that are going to draw good crowds, can't you properly stock your concessions?

So yes, I'm frustrated. And I revoke my endorsement of going to events at the arena that I gave last spring. The arena is just another place that a gluten-free glutton can't depend on.

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