Monday, August 10, 2015

Time Out spotlights gluten-free flatbreads

Time Out Sports Grill on the Southside has been my go-to sports bar for two basic reasons: beer and wings.

They not only have Redbridge beer available but also have a dedicated gluten-free fryer for chicken wings. It's actually quite rare to find any establishment with a gluten-free fryer (and you can also get gluten-free french fries in that fryer).

Now there is another option at Time Out, in a strip mall on Beach Boulevard just east of Hodges: gluten-free flatbreads.

Actually, they've had flatbreads on the menu for quite a while but when they recently revamped their menu, they decided to only offer gluten-free flatbreads because they seemed to be better than than the regular ones.

So, I tried one over the weekend and it was pretty good. The crust seemed basically the same as a gluten-free pizza.

So yes, I'll be spending a lot of Sundays this fall at Time Out for football with beer and wings. And an occasional flatbread.

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