Thursday, August 20, 2015

Marlins to rename the 'Fit Cart'

I had an interesting talk yesterday with Miami Marlins executive chef Vince Navarrete.

If you recall, I wrote about my visit to Marlins Park a couple of months ago and was pleased to find a dedicated gluten-free cart in the ballpark, but a little irritated that the cart is called the "Fit Cart."

So, I asked Navarrete about that. He explained that the Marlins started the Fit Cart when the ballpark opened three years ago and it included not only gluten-free items but other food as well.

Eventually, they realized the importance of having a dedicated gluten-free cart and this season, they decided to offer only gluten-free food at the Fit Cart, ensuring there will be no cross-contamination issues.

They didn't get around to changing the name but he said they will have a new name for the cart next year that will stamp it as a gluten-free cart.

I came away from the interview feeling pretty good about Navarrete's understanding of gluten-free issues and that the team sees the importance of maintaining a gluten-free section for fans who need it.

I was talking to Navarrete for an upcoming Times-Union column that will see if the Jaguars are going to do a better job with their gluten-free offerings this year. I will be talking to the Jaguars next week.

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