Monday, January 4, 2016

A gluten-free find in Clearwater Beach

I spent New Year's weekend in the Tampa Bay area and I stumbled onto an interesting gluten-free friendly spot on Clearwater Beach called Tate Island Grill.

Basically, I was walking on the beach with some friends enjoying the beautiful weather, and they wanted to grab a bite to eat at a beachfront spot. I had actually eaten lunch at a Pei Wei near my hotel (because it's gluten-free friendly), just to be safe, before we headed to the beach. So I wasn't planning to eat but expected to just hang out while my friends ate.

But I was very surprised when we walked to the Tate Island Grill on the beach at the Sandpearl Resort. I looked at the menu and found it had a number of items market as GF, indicating they were gluten free. The menu also said you can substitute a gluten-free bun on a number of sandwiches.

I wasn't really hungry but I just had to order some gluten-free chicken wings, because I couldn't pass up the opportunity. But next time I'm in the area, I'm going to make a point of getting back there for a sandwich.

I had actually used the findmeglutenfree app to search for gluten-free friendly places on Clearwater Beach and this wasn't listed. That's why this was such a surprise.

One other note about my trip. On the way home, I stopped in the Disney complex looking for a relatively new gluten-free bakery called Erin McKenna's which is supposed to be in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney). This was the second time in the last couple of months I went searching for this place, which apparently offers some good gluten-free stuff. However, I absolutely can not find it. It doesn't show up in the spot where Google Maps tells me it should be.

I really didn't want to pay to park my car and then search for it. I was hoping to find it driving along. But now I just give up. If anyone knows where the place actually is, please tell me. I may try to give it another shot on my next drive through Orlando.

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