Monday, January 25, 2016

Glutino's 'Big' pretzels not really much different

I got a box of snack food samples from Glutino last week, consisting mostly of pretzels. The one new item was a bag of "Big" pretzels.

I really didn't think the Big pretzels were that much bigger than their regular pretzels. And as far as taste and texture, I didn't really notice any difference from Glutino's other pretzels.

Actually, Glutino makes several varieties of pretzels that I like. My favorite is their honey mustard pretzels.

The big problem with Glutino pretzels is the price. They are pretty expensive, so I generally wait to see them on sale before I'll buy them.

The snack package also included tortilla chips for dipping. This is one product we really don't need from a gluten-free manufacturer, because there are a lot of varieties of tortilla chips out there that are naturally gluten free, and you'll see many of those with a certified gluten-free tag because the manufacturers are following the proper procedures.

One other item in the box was a couple of packages of animal crackers. They tasted like, well, animal crackers and if you happen to like that, you will like Glutino's animal crackers.

I've written this before, but my favorite Glutino product is their English muffins (which were not part of the snack samples they sent last week). They are far above any other gluten-free English muffins and have become probably my favorite breakfast food. They seem harder to find in local stores than some other Glutino products, but you can get them at a pretty good price at Walmart.

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