Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ruby Tuesday adds gluten-free bun option

Ruby Tuesday doesn't have a gluten-free menu but does have an allergen guide on its website that it updates every month (allergen guide link). If you're concerned about cross-contamination, you may not want to risk it but I do eat there from time to time.

I was checking the allergen guide the other day and I noticed that Ruby Tuesday now has a gluten-free bun option for its burger and chicken sandwiches. I don't think they've publicized it but I checked with the company and they said they've been offering the gluten-free bun since November.

So, I gave it a try last night. I just got a regular hamburger and it was a decent burger. It's not something I'd go out of my way for but if you're with a group of people eating at Ruby Tuesday, it gives you an option.

One note of concern with my visit to the restaurant. The allergen guide says the French fries are not gluten free. I ended up with steamed broccoli for my side item.

When the waiter took my order, he was unaware that the fries are not gluten free. Again, while there are gluten-free items available at Ruby Tuesday, I do think there are risks for people who are extremely sensitive to gluten.

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