Friday, April 22, 2016

Chicken sausages from a celiac-friendly company

A Gainesville, Ga., company called First Fresh Foods sent me samples of its chicken sausage products this week to try out.

The company is touting its chicken sausages as a healthier alternative to traditional pork sausages, and for us it has the added benefit of being naturally gluten free. The company CEO's wife has celiac disease, so he is very much attuned to our issues.

The only drawback to this product is that it's not available in stores in the Jacksonville area. According to the company website, it is available at Publix stores in Atlanta and Charlotte. As the company grows, maybe we'll see it here.

Anyway, there are two varieties of the sausage. One is a breakfast sausage that First Fresh says contains 58 percent less fat than pork sausage. I really liked it. It has a good flavor and makes for a nice breakfast, I thought.

The other product is a mild Italian sausage that the company says contains 78 percent less fat than Italian pork sausage. This is where I wish there were decent gluten-free hot dog buns out there, because it would make for a good sausage dog. I put two sausage links on a hamburger bun, which made a decent sandwich. But these sausages would probably be better suited for people with cooking skills who could incorporate them into more interesting recipes.

But anyway, it's always good to find products from companies that are celiac sensitive. Hopefully First Fresh's market area will expand to Northeast Florida.

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